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Xplor is the place where you're free to let loose and enjoy the thrilling adventure of flying through the jungle. It is known to be the most visited zip-line park in the world featuring two circuits of seven zip-lines. Two smoothie stations and a fully stocked buffet are conveniently located near the ziplines when you need to recharge after a long day of fun. You'll also have the opportunity to explore the underground rivers and view the stunning rock formations. Whether you choose to roam through the underground caverns in a life jacket or on a raft, you'll still get the full spectacular experience.


Your safety is the top priority and the staff works hard to make sure the equipment is maintained and up-to-date. The total length of the zip-lines is 2.4 miles and the highest zip-line stands 49 yards high. To further ensure the safety of visitors, the minimum weight is 88 lbs. with a maximum weight of 300 lbs. One of the most unique zip-lines featured is the hammock zip-line where you ride on a hammock and land into a refreshing cenote. Flying through the jungle on a zip-line is an exhilarating adventure that everyone needs to experience to feel that sense of freedom. It may end up being the best part of your vacation.
Image may be subject to copyright
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Xplor Fuego

Set your adrenaline ablaze at night in Xplor Fuego. Take an ATV through the Mayan jungle or soar through the starry sky on the zip-lines. Xplor Fuego offers everything that Xplor does with just a little more excitement added to the experience. The Fire Arch, in particular, is a zip-line that will take you right through a large ring of fire as you fly through the dark jungle. You'll also have the opportunity to swim in a stalactite river and admire the beautiful formations and structures that nature has created over the space of millions of years. The ATV ride, another popular activity, will take you on a torch lit path across hanging bridges and caves.


We picked Xplor for our last day of the trip and what a way to end it!!! From zip lining, to river swim, off roading in the ATVs, and hammock splashing into the water and so much more!!!! so many things to see and do!! One of the best days ever!!!!
Perfect Park to end our trip!!! Krystiemarie90, Trip Advisor.
We had soOo much fun at Xplor Adventure Park! I definitely recommend, especially for all the adrenaline junkies out there! We got picked up from our hotel in Cancun. One thing to plan for is to expect to be on the bus for 2-3 hours to and back. There is a lot of traffic and construction on the roads; BUT the bus has AC and it’s super comfortable. Other than that, the staff is super friendly, and the park is clean and they do their best to give everyone the best experience. The buffet was great! A lot of variety and they also had a little hut where you can choose smoothies and juices. Once you get dropped off at the park, you’re free to choose the order of your activities. Take money for photos! They are worth it!
Super AWESOME! Ricky E, Trip Advisor.
Way better than Xcaret! This place was so much fun and the only line that was long were the ziplines (but we expected that). It was so beautiful at night and definitely worth the price! There were no other add-ons except pictures, so you do get to do all the activities that are mentioned (unlike Xcaret where you have to pay more to do other activities). The buffet was pretty good too. The whole staff was extremely nice and we definitely felt safe the whole time. They triple check zip-lines harnesses before going on. Definitely recommend!
Great. Idalis R, Trip Advisor.