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Come and relish in the paradisiacal atmosphere of Xel-Há Park and experience the wonder as you explore the various activities featured at the park. This aquatic theme park is home to numerous flora and fauna species and has a history of ancient times when the Maya discovered the land and named it. Xel-Há means "where water is born" and the name was given because of the several underground rivers that flow into the inlet.


The activities at Xel-Há will take you on an unimaginable adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. You'll have the opportunity to go snorkeling and explore around the water, admiring the beautiful sea creatures. You can also rent an inflatable tube to relax on as you let the current gently take you down the river. There are many places along the river that are worth the stop. For instance, Cliff of Courage gives guests the chance to climb up a 16-ft wall and jump off the top if you're feeling brave enough. Salpichanga features a zip-line that leads right into the refreshing waters of Xel-Há's inlet. Don't forget to visit the Lighthouse that features four waterslides to ride down on after reaching the top and enjoying the scenic view of Xel-Há. 
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

Xel-Há Inlet

The fascinating historical background of the inlet still lives on today as it is known to be a discovery from the Maya hundreds of years ago and is now one of Playa Del Carmen's most popular attractions. A Maya story tells about the gods and how they joined their wisdom, dreams, and love to create the best of nature into a scenic masterpiece and they named it Xel- Há. Once it was created, the gods were so pleased that they decided to share it with all mortal creatures. Xel-Há truly is a stunning natural work of art that everyone should experience. The enormous Xel-Há inlet has more than 600 miles of streams flowing below the surface making it possible for guests to explore and enjoy the large waters of Playa Del Carmen. 


If you love water activities, food and drinks or just relaxing on a hammock, then, this is the place to go! This is an all inclusive water park (unlimited food and drinks/alcoholic drinks included), Tubes, snorkel gear and life vest included. Zip lining, cliff diving or just relaxing on the hammocks. They also have add on activities. Personally, you don't need to book add on activities because 1 day is just enough for the basic activities. Purchasing a photo pass is a MUST!
XELHA for the second time and it never disappoints! wildorchid99, Trip Advisor.
Five star experience. Love it 100%. We took all the inclusive experience, plus did a couple of paid for experiences with the family. Don't regret any of them. Did swimming with Dolphins and Snuba Caleta and both were life changing. Being all inclusive is a big plus
A must visit. Christian S, Trip Advisor.
This park is excellent! It is an all day event, we were shuttled there at 7:30 and we boarded the bus to leave at 6pm. Food/drinks were included with our admission. So many fun things to do! The zip lining was so fun! The slide was amazing and we all loved it - even our kids (11,14). The snorkeling was beautiful and you could see so many different types of sea life. This was adventure packed with plenty to do for everyone - and plenty of places to relax/nap for those who needed a break! See Victor at the bar, he is awesome!
Do it! Amy B, Trip Advisor.